Clayoquot WebcamThere are several fantastic webcams overlooking the beach in Tofino and Pacific Rim Park.  They are a good way to check the weather or just watch the beautiful ocean crashing in.  Many of the hotels along the ocean have them such as the Ocean Village Resort with its great view of Mackenzie Beach.  Crystal Cove Beach Resort has another lovely webcam of Crystal Cove along Mackenzie Beach.  Long Beach Lodge has a great webcam overlooking Long Beach. 

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Pacific Sands Resort have two great webcams, one overlooking the beach at Cox Bay and the other a Surf Cam. The Wickaninnish Inn has a great webcam overlooking the Chesterman Beach from the roof of The Pointe Restaurant. Clayoquot Sound has a staggering array of hiking trails within it. Between Tofino and Ucluelet, Pacific Rim National Park has several wilderness and beach trails, each one radically different from the last. The Islands in the area are often Provincial Parks on their own with perfect beaches well away from the crowds. The Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet also have a couple of webcams that can be found here. This a must see on any visit to Pacific Rim National Park, Ucluelet and/or Tofino. Located in Ucluelet, the Wild Pacific Trail is actually a set of three trails that connect into a wonderful 8.4 kilometre route. The Lighthouse Loop trail is a great place to start is wild meandering 2.6km trail that has endless amazing ocean views and an amazing array of twisted, weather beaten, and endlessly interesting trees along the trail.

Ocean Village Resort Tofino Live Beach Cam:

Long Beach Lodge Tofino Live Beach Cam:

Pacific Sands Tofino Live Beach Cam:

Pacific Sands Tofino Live Surf Cam:

Crystal Cove Tofino Live Beach Cam:

Wickaninnish Inn Tofino Live Beach Cam:

Wild Pacific Trail Live Webcam: