Victoria Hiking Trails RatingSpectacle Lake Provincial Park is popular with hiking, fishing, canoeing and swimming.  Located north of Victoria, the drive to get there is very beautiful and well worth the drive just for the great stops on the way.  Thetis Lake Park and Goldstream Park are easily combined with Spectacle Lake in a one day hiking/sightseeing adventure.

  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProScenic wilderness lake
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProBeautiful for a picnic
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProNice sandy beach
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProGreat swimming lake
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProRelaxing trail around the lake
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProYour dog will love the park!
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProRural location is very pretty
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking ConPretty lake, but not amazing
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking ConLoud parties occur frequently
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking ConLots of signs starting with No!

Victoria Hiking Trails

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Clayoquot Hiking Trails

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These two parks are on the way to Spectacle Lake and very convenient pit stops adding just minutes to the day or hours if wanted.  Spectacle Lake lays in a serene and tranquil forest setting that feels remote and far from civilisation.  The road that takes you to the lake is unexpectedly rural looking.  Not manicured and flowery like you see in Victoria.  Though manicured and flowery makes Victoria beautiful and scenic, finding a secret place like Spectacle Lake that is rough and wild is refreshing to see.  You get a powerful urge to crack a beer and cast a line from the idyllic rocky cliff across from the beach!  The sandy beach that greets you as you first see the lake was a somewhat recent addition.  The lovely sand covers a thick layer of sawdust from decades of logging in the area.  Spectacle Lake was a millpond for the sawmill located on the rocky outcrop adjacent to the sandy beach.  In the 1950's much of the forest you now see was cut and milled at this once thriving mill.  In the summer you will find this beach and much of the lake popular with people swimming and picnicking.  Spectacle Lake Provincial Park has a very nice 2 kilometre trail around the lake compete with wooden bridges and plenty to see.  The trail is popular for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.  Owing to the small size of the park and variety of recreation possibilities, you are greeted with several imposing signs.  No Campfires!  Stay on Trails!  No Motorized Vehicles!  No Overnight Camping!  Leash and Clean Up After Your Dog!  Another sign more politely states "Please remember that Regional Park Trails are designated for cyclists, hikers and horses only."  The pristine solitude of the park has evidently been shattered by loud parties and loud motorbikes frequently in the past to warrant all the signs.

Spectacle Lake is home to the only Eastern Brook trout fishing on Vancouver Island.  The lake is also stocked every spring with Cutthroat trout.  There are several excellent places to fish from the shore of the lake and the rocky point along the right hand side of the lake is a convenient favourite.  Occasionally you will see a fisherman in a belly boat fly fishing in the middle of the lake, but more often casting from the rocky point.  Getting a BC Freshwater Fishing License is easy and convenient to purchase online.

Spectacle Lake Hike Victoria

Spectacle Lake Parking

Spectacle Lake Hike Victoria

Spectacle Lake Hike Victoria

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