Victoria Hiking Trail RatingSooke is a wonderful coastal town with amazingly deep and beautiful forests, lakes and rivers.  The Sooke Potholes is an extraordinary example of this.  Over thousands of years, swirling water have created amazingly deep pools in this otherwise, massive and crashing river.  This has created an astonishing river-world fun park of sorts.  Cliffs, fallen trees, rock outcrops over the river.

  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProStunning, deep pool
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProAmazing for swimming
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProVery hidden feeling trails
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProVery dog friendly
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProAmazing place to picnic
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProBeautiful cliffs to relax on
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProFamily friendly & free
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProGalloping Goose runs past
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking ConGets crazy busy on weekends
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking ConParking is often inadequate

Victoria Hiking Trails

  Steep, Dog Friendly TrailAvatar Grove  Steep, Dog Friendly TrailBear Hill  Easy Hiking TrailEast Sooke Park  Victoria Hiking TrailElk/Beaver Lake  Victoria Hiking TrailEsquimalt Lagoon  Easy Pay Hiking Trail VictoriaFort Rodd Hill  Easy Hiking TrailFrancis/King  Victoria Hiking TrailGalloping Goose  Easy Hiking TrailGoldstream Park  Easy Hiking TrailGowlland Tod  Easy Hiking TrailGrass Lake  Steep, Dog Friendly TrailJohn Dean Park  Steep, Dog Friendly TrailJuan de Fuca Trail  Steep, Dog Friendly TrailLone Tree Hill  Steep, Dog Friendly TrailMill Hill  Steep, Dog Friendly TrailMount Douglas  Easy Hiking TrailMount Tolmie  Easy Hiking TrailSooke Potholes  Victoria Hiking TrailSpectacle Lake  Easy Hiking TrailThetis Lake  Victoria Hiking TrailWitty's Lagoon

The West Coast Trail

  Day 1 Pachena to Darling  Day 2 Darling to Tsusiat  Day 3 Tsusiat to Carmanah  Day 4 Carmanah to Walbran  Day 5 Walbran to Cullite  Day 6 Cullite to Camper  Day 7 Camper to Thrasher  CampsiteMichigan Creek at 12k  CampsiteDarling River at 14k  CampsiteOrange Juice Creek at 15k  CampsiteTsocowis Creek at 16.5k  CampsiteKlanawa River at 23k CampsiteTsusiat Falls at 25k  CampsiteCribs Creek at 42k  CampsiteCarmanah Creek at 46k  CampsiteBonilla Creek at 48k  CampsiteWalbran Creek at 53k  CampsiteCullite Cove at 58k  CampsiteCamper Bay at 62k  CampsiteThrasher Cove at 70k

Nothing, including the river ever runs in anything close to a straight line.  So many amazing vantage points, so many unbelievable swimming spots. If you are interested in venturing further, you can follow the potholes for quite a distance.  About 3k in fact, as they snake through the river valley.  As if the place couldn't get any more interesting, it does.  There is a ruin (of sorts) of an unfinished convention centre, long abandoned, though magnificent in it size and complexity.  It would have been quite a building, with its enormous fireplace and huge log beam construction.  Now it remains as a curiosity, perched on the edge of a cliff, far above the Sooke Potholes.

Sooke Potholes Park Map

Sooke Potholes Fireplace Ruin

Sooke Potholes Hike in Victoria

Sooke Potholes

Sooke Potholes Hike in Victoria

Sooke Potholes Directions Map

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