Victoria Hiking Trails RatingWitty’s Lagoon Regional Park is a wonderful coastal park overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Located in Metchosin, a scenic and largely rural community that is part of the Western Communities. If you are driving from downtown Victoria, you are just a 30 minute drive away and much of that drive is quite nice.  Fort Rodd Hill and Esquimalt Lagoon are definitely worth visiting on the way to Witty’s Lagoon.

  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProNice, hidden beach
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProStunning Arbutus trees
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProNice trails & boardwalks
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProLots of trail variation
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProGreat little waterfall
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProKids love exploring the beach
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking Trail ProNice drive out of the city
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking ConNot as scenic as other beaches
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking ConA bit ugly when the tide is out
  • Tofino Clayoquot Hiking ConBeach smells at low tide

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Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park is a very family friendly park with its large beach, Nature Centre and over 5 kilometres of forest hiking trails. With the tide out a huge salt marsh is revealed, teeming with life. Over 160 species of birds have been documented in the park.  This sand dune ecosystem is fun to explore and attracts bird watchers as well as frolicking dogs.  The cute little Nature Centre is located at the main parking area for Witty’s Lagoon. Here you will find helpful CRD Regional Parks staff and volunteer naturalists ready to answer questions and help introduce you to the park. The Nature Centre is only open weekends and holidays from 12pm to 4pm.  Past the Nature Centre you become immersed in a forest unexpectedly large Douglas-fir trees. The nice, wide trail sloped downward slightly as you walk along Bilston Creek and past Sitting Lady Falls. These falls are not terribly large or impressive, but marvelously scenic in this deep, dark forest. As Victoria hiking trails go, Witty’s Lagoon is not overly exciting. The Thetis Lake trails, for example are much more scenic as they skirt the lake, often from high above. What makes Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park a wonderful place to visit is because of a variety of nice features. The first great feature is its location. Metchosin is a rural, coastal escape from the big city. When you visit the park, you often find longtime locals who evidently visit the park frequently.

The lagoon is a somewhat sheltered oasis overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Whether you are throwing a Frisbee for your dog or relaxing in the sun and looking across the strait to the not so distant United States, Witty’s Lagoon has something for everyone.  If you like to hike beyond the main beach you will encounter a forest trail that skirts the shoreline. The forest is home to some stunning arbutus trees. Massive, bright orange arms stretch out to the ocean. These large trees jut out in the most bizarre directions and often extending parallel to the ground in massive trunks. They seem to entice you to crawl out on one until you find yourself looking down an abrupt cliff to the beach a dozen metres below you.

Witty's Lagoon Park Map

Witty's Lagoon Hike Victoria

Witty's Lagoon Hike Victoria

Witty's Lagoon Hike Victoria

Witty's Lagoon Hike Victoria

Witty's Lagoon Direction Map

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