Day 2 Darling to Tsusiat on the West Coast TrailThe route from Darling River to Tsusiat Falls is just under 12 kilometres and quite a lot of that distance can be hiked on the beach. From Darling River you can take an inland route or walk along the beach. The beach route is very nice and few people hike the challenging inland route. Don't forget to jump in the pool at Darling Falls before you start hiking, you'll feel amazingly energized for the start of the trail!

  • You can swim under two waterfalls on day 2
  • Fairly relaxing hiking, much of it along the beach
  • Interesting little sea cave at Orange Juice Creek
  • Tsocowis Creek crossing has amazing views
  • Lots of good water sources along the route
  • The infamous Valencia Bluffs at 18k
  • The Woodside's anchor on the rocks near 20k
  • First cable car river crossing over Klanawa River
  • Tsusiat Falls campsite is great for whale watching
  • The beaches aren't the best looking on the WCT

When you get to Tsusiat Falls you can jump in there too. To start and end your hike by swimming under waterfalls on the West Coast Trail makes for a pretty memorable day! There is quite a lot of interesting sights on this section. You can touch a big wall of rusting metal from an unidentified shipwreck near Tsocowis Creek at 16k.

At 18k you will have a magnificent view from the top of Valencia Bluffs. This is of course where the famous Valencia disaster occurred and was the final impetus to create a the West Coast Trail. You can look down on the swirling torrents of white water crashing onto the unforgiving, rocky shore below. Further along the trail, just past the 20 kilometre mark you will nearly trip over the huge anchor on the rocks. This, we can be fairly sure came from the Woodside, a ship that provided a regular ferry service up and down the coast of Vancouver Island. At 23k you come to the mighty Klanawa River and your first cable car crossing on the West Coast Trail. After Klanawa River you just have a couple kilometres of hiking through the forest before descending the astonishingly tall network of ladders down to Tsusiat Falls.

Day 2 Map Darling to Tsusiat - West Coast Trail

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 Michigan Creek at 12k Darling River at 14k Orange Juice Creek at 15k Tsocowis Creek at 16.5k Klanawa River at 23k

Tsusiat Falls at 25k Cribs Creek at 42k Carmanah Creek at 46k Bonilla Creek at 48k

Walbran Creek at 53k Cullite Cove at 58k Camper Bay at 62k Thrasher Cove at 70k

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